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‘Exceed’ is an Alternative Education Provider, part of the Calcot Services for Children Group.

 The Exceed programme provides short educational placements for young people aged 8-16 years old.

Exceed welcomes young people and children with a range of learning and behavioural needs whose experience of education has impacted on their current position. We support children who are currently out of education for various reasons or who are in a period of transition in their lives and need supportive staff to help them back on their life journey.

Our alternative education offers class based and outdoor learning within a therapeutic environment which enables children and young people to take stock and receive pastoral, educational support to reintegrate back into education.

Exceed’s adventurous activities and learning sessions offer practical experiences, as well as contextualised learning in an environment, where children and young people can work at their own pace, with learning mentors to build ongoing confidence.

The programme is led and delivered by an enthusiastic, experienced team who are compassionate, understanding, tolerant and respectful. The staff focus on the child’s abilities, aspirations, self-purpose and needs. The staff ensure happiness to refocus positivity on engagement in new directions.

Our placement duration varies but our short placements are planned around the young person to ensure they are equipped with all the necessary skills and qualifications to support them back into education, employment or training.

Who Are Calcot Services for Children

Exceed is part of the Calcot Services for Children Group.

Providing outstanding care by putting our children and young people at the centre of everything we do.
Set up 30 years ago with a simple ethos “to give children and young people in care stability, beautiful homes, support and time to heal”
Based in Berkshire, South Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hampshire. Calcot Services for Children provides warm, caring, family style homes for looked after children with emotional, learning, social and behavioural difficulties who for whatever reason are unable to live with their family. Children placed in our homes may be at risk of absconding, sexual exploitation, offending behaviours, non-engagement in education, self-harming behaviours and may in their past have been subjects of/witnesses to physical, emotional and sexual abuse, neglect and domestic violence. Children placed may have had numerous placement breakdowns in the past, come from failed fostering and adoption or it may be their first care placement.
Over the years we have worked tirelessly to develop our service to achieve placement goals and the best possible outcomes for our children and young people and these have been recognised and celebrated by placing authorities, Ofsted, their own families, external agencies, awarding bodies and within the sector.
This has been achieved by using therapeutic principles within our daily interactions, communications and practice within the homes and by using other recognised approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapies, psychodynamic counselling, observational studies, restorative justice principles, task-centred practice, crisis intervention, creative care planning and child focused individual care pathways.
We will continue to rebuild the lives of vulnerable children enabling them to heal from neglect and trauma and onto a brighter future.

If you would like to know more about the superb services we provide, please visit our website  here ….. https://csfc.co.uk  


How To Find And Contact Us

The best way to experience Exceed’s unique learning environment is by visiting us in person. Ms Parmentier would welcome you to contact us to arrange a visit to our facilities.

Exceed Outdoor Learning (HeadQuarters)

Brewery Court, RG7 5AJ
01635 200004

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We are taking new referrals. Please contact by phone 01635 200004 or email: exceed@csfc.co.uk
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