Exceed is an Alternative Education Provider, part of the Calcot Services for Children Group. Our programme provides short educational placements for young people aged 8-16 years old with learning and behavioural needs.

We support children who are currently out of education or who are in a period of transition and need support to help them get back on track to lead a positive and fulfilling life.

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For anyone wishing to place a young person with us at Exceed.

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Class based & OutDOOR LEARNING

As an alternative education provider, we offer class-based and outdoor learning within a therapeutic environment, as well as pastoral and educational support enabling our children and young people to reintegrate back into education or to find employment.



Contextualised learning

Exceed is a lively place with plenty of practical activities to keep the children busy and engaged. Young people who come here are not daunted by a traditional school setting. They can learn in a unique and fun way through practical sessions and contextualised learning in an environment where we welcome them to learn at their own pace.

building confidence

The programme is delivered by an enthusiastic, experienced team who are compassionate, understanding, patient and respectful. Our team of learning mentors focus on each child’s abilities, aspirations, purpose and needs, helping to build confidence that will last long after the programme ends.

Our Partners

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