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What is Exceed?

Exceed is a dynamic, exciting and educationally fun programme designed to assist young people on a variety of activities and vocational courses.

The aim of the programme is to work with vulnerable young people short term, who are at a standstill in their education for a variety of reasons.

Our ethos is to build confidence, resilience, self esteem and communications skills in a safe and nurturing environment, so that we assist with their next steps on their educational journey.

Exceed is situated in a beautiful woodland area and led by a team of supportive, energetic and compassionate staff, whose priority is the safety and engagement of our young people. The team are passionate about ensuring that young people succeed.

Exceed facilitates inclusive participation in activities, that meet the expectations of young people’s diverse needs.

Many young people who have faced exclusion or on those on the cusp of marginalisation are welcome to the centre to engage in indoor activities such as art, craft, woodwork and cookery to outdoor woodland activities and outbound team work.

We at Exceed are kind, compassionate, warm and welcoming of all young people who need uplifting and encouragement. A place to take stock and to feel a sense of belonging, self-worth and success.

We are able to facilitate a calm learning environment and provide meaningful qualifications and fun activities.

Exceed is a place to Exceed your possibilities, opportunities and yourself, so take the first step and please get in touch with us!!!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Mission & Vision

‘Possibilities, Opportunities, Yourself.

Our Mission: Nurture & Inspire Through Change’

  • Time and Support throughout the settling in period (Time to take stock)
  • Practical and fun activities to get to know other children from other homes
  • Dedicated, resilient and committed, skilled team that will never give up on their children
  • Opportunities to build strong trusting relationships to give students the confidence to explore, challenge themselves and have fun safely
  • Broadening activities and opportunities to build on positive experiences of coming into care
  • Gentle approach into the introduction to education.
  • Opportunities to deliver learning in a smaller, highly supportive environment where the focus is on oneself, learning; training options and skills, qualifications and experiences.
  • Knowledge to build on past knowledge in progressing and planning students’ next steps of education
  • To deliver a balanced bespoke curriculum that gives each child the opportunity to achieve immediate personal success
  • Clear communications with all staff on progress and provide finale assessment reports for the child’s next steps
  • Building confidence and self belief to make informed decisions about their next steps and recommendations

Meet The Team

Ludivine Parmentier
Shae Bates
Philippa Sale

Ludivine’s Bio


I am Ludivine and am responsible for setting the programme up.

We are so proud and thrilled to be offering this service as it is everything a young person needs to succeed in a short time.

We are very welcoming here and friendly and all the young people are very respected no matter what at what point they are in their lives.

We want young people to achieve here and feel proud of themselves. We know that education has not been easy for some so this is why we take time to encourage and assist our young people.

Exceed has a lot to offer, from functional skills to workshop activities in painting and decorating! There is something for everyone!

My team are amazing and passionate are here to assist you on your journey, so please get in touch

Ludivine’s Bio

Philippa’s Bio

Hi, I’m Philippa, one of the learning mentors here at Exceed! I teach English, Maths, PSHE and Cookery here at Exceed. I am dedicated to everyone that I teach and want all my students to excel, whether it be in education or in personal growth. I’m a self-confessed nerd, who spends much of my free time watching films; I try to incorporate this love of media and current events into my teaching. I am fun, enthusiastic and committed to my students. I began working with young people two years ago and this is an exciting new adventure for me – I want to inspire the next generation to do their very best to exceed in their education.

Philippa’s Bio

Charlies’s Bio

Hi, I’m Charlie, I have been an outdoors instructor for the last 9 years. During this time I have worked in England, France and America. In these countries, I taught a wide range of activities from mountain biking to axe throwing. My role at Exceed is Learning Mentor and I oversee the outdoor and workshop activities.

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